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Jul 30,2016 -     Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

In order to "Shoot safely, accurately, and rapidly" in a self-defense situation you must first have a sound foundation in the fundamental handgun shooting skills. The focus of this course is to instill sound fundamentals that will help make you a accurate and consistant handgun shooter. The course is ideal for both new handgun shooters (with no or minimal handgun shooting experience) or for a current handgun shooter (who has bad habits that need to be fixed). Students will also learn the fundamentals of drawing from holster. This course is taught by Marc Scroggins and David Binkley STUDENT REQUIREMENTS: Students must be at least fifteen years of age (must be accompanied by a parent through the age of 20) or be 21 and over. Student must be able to understand and be able to demonstrate safe handling of a firearm at all times. Students (and parents of students under 21) must complete a Liability Waiver Form. Handgun experience is not required. An excellent course for new or experienced shooters alike. EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: Students must provide the following equipment for attendance at the course:

  • Handgun - Semi-automatics .380 ACP or larger. Revolvers-double action .38 special or larger. Ammunition - 500 rounds of factory loaded practice/target ammunition.
  • Magazines - minimum of two magazines, three preferred. Students with firearms that have a magazine capacity of less than ten rounds may want to have four or five magazines. Revolver shooters may want to bring speed loaders.
  • Magazine Belt Pouch - single, double preferred
  • Holster - strong side hip holster or appendix carry holster that covers the trigger and trigger guard and allows easy re-holstering (polycarbonate suggested). The holster may be inside or outside the waist. NO cross draw rigs are allowed.
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Baseball cap or other brimmed hat
  • Water or sports drinks.
  • Snacks/lunch and a folding chair if you have one
  • Handgun cleaning kit
PLEASE NOTE: This is an excellent course for new handgun owners who DO NOT want to carry a handgun, but want to learn sound marksmanship techniques. WHERE THE COURSES ARE CONDUCTED, DATES AND TIMES OF THE COURSE: This course is conducted at a private range located in Strasburg, VA., or Culpeper, VA. Courses are conducted on either a Saturday or Sunday from 9:00AM until approximately 3:00PM. (Arrival should be by 8:30AM) Directions to the range will be sent by E-Mail after registration. COST OF THE COURSE, COURSE SCHEDULE and REGISTERING FOR A COURSE: The cost of this excellent course is only $175.00. Course cost includes any materials, all instruction, range use, and targets. You may register for a course by following the directions below. PLEASE NOTE: There is a required minimum number of 6 students to hold the course, with a maximum of 12 students allowed. If the minimum number required has not been met 2 days prior to the actual course date, the students will be re-scheduled for the next course date. HOW TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE: Please click the registration button below    


Strasburg , Va

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