Shooting Team

Tim Yackley (15 Years Old)Tim1


I have been competing in USPSA and 3 Gun competitions since I began shooting pistol after attending the 2011 Area 8 Junior camp.  I was fortunate enough to meet Marc & Dave from Gravitas in 2012, before we moved from Virginia to Wisconsin.  Since then, I’ve been shooting with the guys from Gravitas whenever I can, usually when I tag along with my dad when he does Marine Corps duty.  Marc and Dave have helped me to fine-tune my pistol skills, especially in regards to shooting single stack.  I recently began shooting one of their pistols in USPSA  and the double stack in 3 Gun and really love the pistols!

Aside from competitive shooting, I began shooting for fun with a .22 rifle and a BB gun when I was about 4 years old.   I enjoy hunting, running, downhill skiing and other outdoor sports.   I work in the winter teaching as a certified PSIA Level I ski instructor.

I also keep busy with reloading since my brother and parents all shoot USPSA and 3 gun and we reload for all of it.

Shooting History

2013 Single Stack Nationals – 1st D Class, 2nd Junior, & 108/363 Overall
2013 Man on Man Grand Nationals – High C Class shooting limited

2013 Task Force Dagger 3 Gun Match – High Junior overall, 33/154 in Tac Scoped

2013 CMMG Midwest 3 Gun – 42/150 in Tac Optics (1st junior in TO, 3rd junior overall)

2013 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun- 81/200 in Tac Optics

2012 VA/MD Sectional- High D Single Stack

2012 WI Sectional- High D Single Stack

2012 FNH USA 3 Gun- 129/242 in Tac Optics (3rd junior)

2012 Blue Ridge Mountain 3 Gun- 84/185 in Tac Optics (3rd junior)


Sean Yackley (14 Years Old)Sean1


Sometimes called,  “Ferdinand the Bull”…

Recently started shooting Production after mostly shooting Limited minor for the last two years.


Shooting History

2013 Rockcastle Pro Am – 220 / 250 TO

2013 MGM Man on Man Grand Nationals – 2nd D Class

2013 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun – 167 / 200 in Tac-Scope

2013 MGM Junior Camp-   40/60 Overall, 21 / 34 in Limited

2013 CMMG Midwest 3 Gun – 129 / 150 in Tac Optics

2013 MGM  3 Gun Junior Camp – 9 / 16

2012 FNH 3 Gun  –   208 / 242 in Tac-optics

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