First Gravitas Tactical Steel Match

We will be holding the first Gravitas Tactical Steel Match on Sunday, April 6th at North Mountain located in Lebanon Church, Virginia. This will be a new monthly match that will shoot year round, weather permitting. We are looking at four stages and a round count of about 100 rounds. While there may be a static piece of steel every now and then, the courses will be filled with just about every kind of falling steel you can think of.
The match will be run in an AM/PM format with two squads shooting in the morning, and two more in the afternoon. We will be limiting squads to 15 shooters so that we can start and end on time.
AM Squad Brief – 0845 – shooting begins at 0900
PM Squad Brief – 1245 – shooting begins at 1300
Match fee will be $20, Juniors are free.
Registration is now open on our event calendar here………….
Gravitas Tactical Events Calendar
You’ll find an AM and PM button for the steel match on April 6th. Click the time slot you want to shoot, and sign up. Match location and additional info will be found on the registration page.
We will be scoring with Nooks and results will be uploaded to Practiscore.
Please do not bring any steel core or bi-metal ammunition. It damages the steel and is dangerous. A magnet will be available to check your ammo if you are unsure. Anyone found using this type of ammo will be disqualified and asked to leave. Again, if you are unsure about your ammo, please ask before the match begins and we’ll get it checked out.
Also, a reminder about the rewards we are giving out this year for the North Mountain USPSA match and our new steel match, from a previous email………………
Finally, we are going to give a few rewards. First, every paid slot you shoot for the year, in either the USPSA match or the new steel match, your name will go in a hat. You shoot with us once a month, it goes in once. You shoot the steel match and then morning and afternoon in the USPSA match, it goes in three times. At the end of the year, we will draw one name form the hat and that person will win a new pistol, on us. Examples of what the gun will be would be something along the lines of a G34, M&P Pro, XDm or comparable models. Really, who cares what it is, it’s a free gun!
Additionally, for USPSA matches, we will put your name in another hat for every division slot that you shoot. So, shoot Production for the month, your name goes in the Production hat. Shoot Limited in the morning, and Single Stack in the afternoon, and your name will go in two hats for that day. Limited/Limited-10/Open will be mixed together, as will Single Stack/Revolver and Production will stand alone. At the end of the year, we will be drawing a name from each hat, and those three shooters will have one free slot to every USPSA match at North Mountain in 2015.
We will do the same for the new steel match, with the difference that all names will go in the same hat and one steel shooter will be drawn at the end of the year who will shoot steel for free with us in 2015.
We look forward to seeing you at the match.
Best Regards,
Gravitas Tactical

Steel pic


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