Tactical Shooting

Tactical Shooting is the combination of our Handgun class and our long gun classes and expanded beyond a basic firearms training class. For example, the training will include shooting on the move, decision making, unconventional shooting positions, extensive use of cover, team shooting and much more. The class takes students beyond marksmanship fundamentals and basic weapons handling and aims to develop critical thinking skills and sound tactics while under stress. Tactical Shooting will tranform a student from just knowing how to safely shoot a firearm, and start them on the path of understanding the dynamics of an armed conflict and how to think through the stress of the fight to a successful conclusion.



  1. Introduction/Safety Brief (Classroom-Daily)
  2. Fundamentals of Marksmanship (Classroom/Day1)
  3. Handgun Live Fire Drills (Day1)
    • Ex. Trigger reset, Speed Reload, Vice Presidente Drill)
  4. Handgun/Long Gun Live Fire Drills (Day2)
    • Ex. Transition, Moving and Shooting, Pivot Shooting, One Hand Shooting)
  5. Handgun/Long Gun Live Fire Drills (Day3)
    • Ex. Contact & Cover, Unconventional Shooting Positions, Incapacitation)

An additional Fourth and Fifth day of training can be added upon request. Subject matter covered for that day will be expansion upon those topics already covered and any special requests of the client/group.

Tactical Shooting Prerequisite – Students must have successfully completed Handgun, Tactical Shotgun or Patrol Rifle with Gravitas Security Services to be eligible for Tactical Shooting. In addition, we may accept training from the following entities:

  • NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division
  • Local, State or Federal Law Enforcement Academies
  • Major Manufacturers (Heckler & Koch, Sigarms, Smith & Wesson, etc)

Alternative training will be reviewed and verified on a case by case basis. The need for the prerequisite is to insure the safety of the students and instructors since dynamic movement and shooting positions will be used during this course.


  • Patrol Rifle – .223/5.56 or larger for rifle calibers, 9mm or larger for pistol calibers
  • Rifle magazines – At least three, at least five if capacity is ten rounds or less
  • Rifle magazine pouches
  • Rifle sling


  • Tactical shotgun – 12 gauge pump action or semi-automatic
  • Spare ammunition carriers – drop pouches, side saddles, belt slides, etc.
  • Shotgun sling


  • Handgun: Semi-autos – .380 or larger, Revolvers – Double action .38 Special or larger
  • Holster – Duty or Concealment, no cross-draw or shoulder rigs
  • Handgun magazines/speed loaders – At least three
  • Handgun magazine pouches
  • Belt
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Hat
  • No open-toed footwear
  • Elbow/Knee pads (optional)
  • Maintenance/cleaning kit
  • Water


  • 3 day classes – 600 rounds rifle or slugs, 250 rounds handgun
  • 4 day classes – 800 rounds rifle or slugs, 400 rounds handgun
  • 5 day classes – 1000 rounds rifle or slugs, 500 rounds handgun
  • Students are welcomed to bring more ammunition than specified above.

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