Shotgun Training

Our Shotgun class will introduce and develop the skills needed for students to successfully deploy the shotgun on the job as an armed professional, or in the home for self defense. The shotgun, with its ability to utilize many different types of ammunition, from multiple and single projectile loads to less lethal options, make it a versatile platform for law enforcement, security and military personnel. For the same reasons, it can be argued the shotgun may just be the ultimate personal defense weapon for the armed citizen.



  1. Introduction/Safety Brief (Classroom)
  2. Fundamentals of Marksmanship (Classroom)
  3. Reloads/Immediate and Remedial Action (Classroom/Range)
  4. After Action (Classroom)
  5. Trigger Reset Drills (Range)
  6. Shot Patterns and Load Selection (Classroom/Range)
  7. Reloading Drills (Classroom/Range)
  8. Cover and Concealment (Classroom/Range)
  9. Shooting Positions (Range)
  10. Pivots and Turns (Range)
  11. Review/Recap/Summary (Range/Classroom)


  1. Review of Day 1 (Classroom/Range)
  2. Transition Drills (Range)
  3. Multiple Targets (Range)
  4. Moving and Shooting with Barricades (Range)
  5. Incapacitation Drills (Range)
  6. Scenario Drills (Range)
  7. Review/Recap/Summary (Range/Classroom)

An additional third day of training can be added upon request. Subject matter covered for that day will be expansion upon those topics already covered and any special requests of the client/group.


  • Tactical shotgun – 12 gauge pump action or semi-automatic
  • Spare ammunition carriers – drop pouches, side saddles, belt slides, etc.
  • Shotgun sling
  • Handgun: Semi-autos – .380 or larger, Revolvers – Double action .38 Special or larger (optional for 2 & 3 day classes)
  • Holster – Duty or Concealment, no cross-draw or shoulder rigs (optional for 2 & 3 day classes)
  • Handgun magazines/speed loaders – At least three (optional for 2 & 3 day classes)
  • Handgun magazine pouches (optional for 2 & 3 day classes)
  • Belt
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Hat
  • No open-toed footwear
  • Elbow/Knee pads (optional)
  • Maintenance/cleaning kit
  • Water

Students are encouraged to bring a handgun for participation in Transition Drills. If you do not have one, feel free check to see what we may have available for rent at a nominal fee. You may still attend without a handgun, you just will not be required to perform transitions.


  • 1 day classes – 150 rounds birdshot, 20 slugs
  • 2 day classes – 250 rounds birdshot, 30 slugs, 50 rounds handgun
  • 3 day classes – 350 rounds birdshot, 50 slugs, 100 rounds handgun
  • Students are welcomed to bring more ammunition than specified above.

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