Handgun Training

The handgun is the primary weapon for law enforcement professionals and the armed citizen alike. We believe that a solid foundation built on the fundamentals of marksmanship is a must for increasing the survivability of an armed confrontation. The handgun class we offer will introduce, develop and sharpen those fundamentals in shooters of all experience levels.



  1. Introduction/Safety Brief (Classroom)
  2. Fundamentals of Marksmanship (Classroom)
  3. Reloads/Immediate and Remedial Action (Classroom)
  4. 5 Step Draw (Classroom/Range)
  5. After Action (Range)
  6. Trigger Reset Drills (Range)
  7. Shooting Groups (Range)
  8. Reloading Drills (Classroom/Range)
  9. Cover and Concealment (Classroom/Range)
  10. Shooting Positions (Range)
  11. Pivots and Turns (Range)
  12. Review/Recap/Summary (Range/Classroom)


  1. Review of Day 1 (Classroom/Range)
  2. Multiple Targets (Range)
  3. Moving and Shooting with Barricades (Range)
  4. Incapacitation Drills (Range)
  5. Weapon Retention Drills (Range)
  6. Backup/Off Duty Handgun (Range)
  7. Scenario Drills (Range)
  8. Review/Recap/Summary (Range/Classroom)

An additional third day of training can be added upon request. Subject matter covered for that day will be expansion upon those topics already covered and any special requests of the client/group.


  • Handgun: Semi-automatics – .380 or larger, Revolvers – Double action .38 Special or larger
  • Magazines/speed loaders – At least three if hi-capacity, at least five if capacity is ten rounds or less
  • Holster – Duty or Concealment, no cross-draw or shoulder rigs
  • Magazine pouches
  • Belt
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Hat
  • No open-toed footwear
  • Elbow/Knee pads (optional)
  • Maintenance/cleaning kit
  • Water


  • 1 day classes – 300 rounds
  • 2 day classes – 500 rounds
  • 3 day classes – 700 rounds
  • Students are welcomed to bring more ammunition than specified above.

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