1911 Single Stack

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Standard Features:

  • Gravitas Tactical 5” Carbon Steel Government Slide – Gravitas Tactical Profile
  • Front and Rear Cocking Serrations
  • Live Round Ejection Modification to Ejection Port
  • Carry Bevel on Front, Rear and Bottom of Slide
  • Bar-Sto Match Grade Stainless Steel Barrel with Match Bushing – .45 ACP
  • Novak Sight Cuts
  • Warren Tactical Steel Rear Sight
  • Warren Tactical Steel Front Sight
  • Gravitas Tactical Carbon Steel Government Frame
  • Knurled Front Strap and Knurled Flat Mainspring Housing
  • Cylinder & Slide Tactical II Set – Hardened Sear/Hammer/Disconnector – Approx. 3.5 to 4 lbs.
  • Cylinder & Slide 3-Hole Serrated Aluminum Match Trigger
  • Cylinder & Slide High-grip Extended Wide Thumb Safety
  • Cylinder & Slide Barstock Trident Slide Stop – Countersunk and Flush to Frame
  • Smith & Alexander Hi-grip Beavertail Grip Safety – .250 Radius
  • EGW Barstock Extended Magazine Catch
  • Caspian Barstock Extractor – Tuned and Polished
  • Caspian Barstock Ejector
  • Caspian Barstock Firing Pin
  • Caspian Barstock Firing Pin Stop
  • Gravitas Tactical G10 Logo Grips with Diagonal Checkering and Techwell Cuts
  • Techwell Carry Magwell – Black
  • Wolff Springs through out – 18.5# Variable Recoil Spring and 23# Mainspring
  • Entire Pistol Dehorned
  • Finished with W.E. Birdsong’s Black-T – Black
  • Supplied with 2 Gravitas Tactical Stainless Steel 8 Round Magazines
  • Gravitas Tactical Pistol Bag and Log Book

Retail Price: $2450.00

Options: At Additional Cost

  • Bar-Sto Match Grade Stainless Steel Ramped Barrel with Match Bushing – 9 MM
  • Any Warren Tactical Sight – Steel, Fiber Optic or Tritium
  • Any Techwell Model – XT, SP or TGO
  • Ambidextrous Thumb Safety

3 Responses to “1911 Single Stack”

  1. Greg says:

    I’ve had my GTP 1911 45ACP since July of 2013. Since then I have probably put over 10K rounds through it (matches 2x month & practice), and it has yet to hiccup, burp, or anything. It just runs. I have purposely run some 200gr SWC reloads with a bullet setback so bad my Kimber GM would choke on them. This thing ate them with no problem. I like this gun so much I bought one for my son. This gun has been so solid, though I use it solely for competition (USPSA) I would have no problem using it for a concealed carry or home defense, I have that much confidence in that it will work when I need it to.

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks for the great review Greg.

  3. Jayson Vance says:

    I had the pleasure of making friends with Marc and Dave from Gravitas
    Tactical a few years ago at a USPSA match at North Mountain. Dave
    mentioned later that they were going to start producing they’re own
    line of 1911’s. I thought to myself that would be cool, I can double
    up on my matches, shoot production ith my M&P , then shoot my Gravitas
    Tactical 1911 in the next session. The only way this would work would
    be to shoot a 9mm 1911 in single stack. That way shooting a session
    in prod and single stack would be the same stage breakdown. Then I
    started researching 9mm 1911’s. Well let’s just say I wasn’t
    impressed. Some good. Most bad. Well full of doubt I ordered a
    single stack 1911 from Gravitas Tactical. After a month of shooting
    it I never shot production again. The only problems I had with it
    were operator induced. Either reloads that were not chamber gauged, or
    good rounds shot through a filthy weapon. A striker fired pistol will
    function with less maintenance than a 1911, but the joy of shooting
    the 1911 is worth putting in a little work. I started shooting
    single stack exclusively and improved to a B class. No I’m not a GM ,
    but I shoot best with my Gravitas 1911. I like my Gravitas 1911 so
    much, when I entered the Bail Bond and fugitive recovery business, I
    purchased a Gravitas Tactical double stack 1911 9mm as my duty/edc
    gun. I hope my life never depends on it , but if it does, I feel
    good putting it into the hands of Gravitas Tactical. Stand up weaponry
    , and straight up guys standing behind it

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